Stocherkahn Tübingen. Romantic Gourmet-Tours
Stocherkahn Tübingen. Seit 1993 Schmidt's Stocherkahnfahrten
Unique in Germany! High spirits pure!
A smell of Venice in the heart of Baden-Württemberg!
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Reservations by phone Mo-Su from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. • 5% discount for online reservations!

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Stocherkahn Tübingen. Schmidt's Stocherkahnfahrten Romantik-Fahrt
We offer a large variety of punting tours on the river Neckar at Tuebingen. Since more than 20 years our tours are accident-free. We promote tourism at Tuebingen.

With part of our income we sponsor Greenpeace and The Planetary Society.
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We periodically look for new female and male captains and will train you in professional punting. Knowledge of English will be an advantage.
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We guarantee safety and comfort!
With regularly 12 persons per boat.

You will not have to wait or queue up. We guarantee your own boat for your family or group.
Season: 1. April - 15. November
Indoor events all year round.

All prices are in EUR (VAT included)

Please note our Fair Weather Guarantee!
In case of heavy rain (precipitation more than 8 mm/h, Weather Station Tübingen-Lustnau) or thunderstorms at the beginning or during your tour and contrary to the WRF forecast for Tübingen, we will postpone your tour according to the expected duration of these events and in case this will not be possible we will give you a discount of 50% of the boat price.

Cancellation of reservations:
In case of very bad weather (forecast of greater than 80% chance for steady rain or heavy thunderstorms and precipitation greater than 10 mm at the time of your event) you may cancel your reservation free of charge until 4 p.m. one day before your event (receipt time of your message).
Obligatory for both sides is the WRF forecast diagram (3 days forecast) for Tuebingen.
We do not accept any other weather forecasts.
If you do not opt for the bad weather cancellation, we assume that you will be equiped with suitable clothes and protection. Our captains and guides will work in all weathers!
Indoor events or parts of events in sheltered areas can not be cancelled because of bad weather.
In case of high water we may cancel your event at any time.

Cancellation due to other reasons we will charge from the total amount as follows (discounts will become invalid):
until 90 days before event 20%
until 60 days before event 25%
until 30 days before event 50%
until 14 days before event 60%
until 7 day before event 75%
until the day of event or non-attendance 100%.
We assume non-attendance if nobody appears at the pier or meeting point after 15 min of the booked time.
Cancellation fees can be offset with 50% against a new reservation with the same or higher price in the same season.
Given discounts will become invalid with cancellation. In case of postponement the cancellation fee for the new date will be 75%, cancellation fee will be not staggered due to date of cancellation.

Postponements after our confirmation of your reservation we will charge as follows:
until 48 h before event 50%
until 24 h before event 100%
Please come to your event right in time. An extension of events is usually not possible due to other reservations. In case of postponement due to delay we will charge for the time prolonged.

Early bird discounts will become invalid in case of changes of your reservation within 4 weeks before the event. Online discounts we warrant until 48 h before your event, they will become invalid after phone calls or fax concerning the made reservation. Only one kind of discount can be applied with exeption of the combination discount. Otherwise combination of discounts is not allowed. We will correct discounts chosen in error. Discounts are only applicable on reservations which we can confirm via email or fax. All discounts will be given only for payments in advance or in cash.

Coupons will be accepted by our captains only if registered with your reservation. Gift coupons become valid after payment of the sent invoice. Coupons are valid only for the time span imprinted and after that the coupon value will reduce by 50% every subsequent year, because the number of coupons, the number of boats and the number of possible dates in one season is limited. Not all kinds of coupons can be combined. Please consider this in your reservation.

Our captains have many years of experience and are familiar with the peculiarities of the river Neckar at Tuebingen. You always have to follow the instructions of the captains. In case of damage due to noncompliance, improper behavior and carelessness of the participants on board our captains take no liabilty. In such cases the participants are personally liable for the caused damages. In case of willful sinking of a punting boat by the participants we will charge EUR 500,- (plus VAT) in advance for coverage of damages at the punting boat, at the captain and for cancellation of following tours. Further claims of compensation are not covered by this amount. Our liability for any damages on our events and tours is restricted to the case of carelessness through us. We take no liabilty for acts of God.

With your reservation you assure that you are of legal age. In case you are not of legal age you assure that you make the reservation in behalf of a person of legal age.
With your reservation you agree with our general terms and conditions.

Schmidt's Stocherkahnfahrten

Dr. R. Schmidt
P.O. Box 25 49
D-72015 Tuebingen

Phone: 0 70 71 - 98 80 43
Mobile: 0 171 - 36 38 150
Fax: 0 70 71 - 8 77 99

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